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I think Biasi boilers are great, they are really cheap and do what you need from them hot Warter and heating in all my places I only use Biasi boilers. But when they do go wrong I sell all Biasi boiler spares. All parts are in stock and my prices are great. You can order online and you can have your part tomorrow before 10.00am. So your parts ready when u are. It’s better to repair you boiler rather than to change it because if you change it. It will probably will go wrong again after 5 years as they don’t make boilers like they use to before. The older boilers last much longer so it’s a better investment to spend money to repair it much cheaper than spending 2k for new boiler. In my friends house he bought a Biasi in 2004 at that time they were only £350 it works very well for last 14 years no problems at all only he had to buy a new pcb from me few months ago. Don’t buy reconditioned parts. I know one man that bought a reconditioned Biasi boiler fan, my price for original was £120 but he bought recon for £65 he fitted it, boiler seemed to work... but 2 weeks later It caught on fire and whole house burnt down but he was lucky as no one was injured. It’s very important to take boiler parts as serious as we do. I only buy genuine Biasi boiler spares yes is cost you more but your health and safety is worth much more .It’s not worth buying reconditioned Biasi boiler spares as it’s dangerous and will cost you more in the long run. You can trust me that I only sell 100% genuine Biasi parts.My business is based on a foundation of Honesty, integrity , and goodwill All we do is boilers spares my my reputation is the most important thing Use my part finder to find you part. If you can’t find it call me. I am here to help If you need a part please call me